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About Agusto Gallardo: Director of Photography
Born in Santiago, Chile in 1958, Agusto Gallardo grew up duringthe revolutionary times of the South American nation. He survived through the hardships of the Allendeyears and the following millitary regime of Pinochet. His mother sent him away to travel and live with his uncle until things settled down at home. For a few years Agusto lived luxuriously with his cousin in Spain, then Tahiti, and finally the United States of America in 1975. There he went to school and graduated to follow anartistic career in Cinema.
He's worked with many esteemed film makers and through the years raised his skills on the set, passing through the ranks of focus puller and assistant cameraman to finally becoming the Director's right hand man, the D.P. Agusto has four sons, Camilo, Raimundo, Benjamin, & Martin, and is currently living with his girlfriend, Producer/Director, Veronica Milchorena in South Beach.