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"The $$60,000,000,000 Man"

Summary & Comments

The first episode in this awesome series is a thows pure hilarious action packed insanity at the viewer and introduces the best friggin anime character ever..Vash the Stampede. It starts off at a saloon in the middle of the barren desert, where some people are talking about the rumors of a dangerous man with a huge bounty on his head..a man known as the Humanoid Typhoon. A giant man with a green mohawk and red jacket is standing outside the saloon with a bunch of heavily armed henchmen. They totally destroy the saloon with their gunfire and only one man is left standing..well actually sitting, the man they believe to be Vash the Stampede. After a long game of cat and mouse they finally capture the man in the red trenchcoat and tie him up. Meanwhile two Insurance girls, Mwrly Stryfe and Milly Thompson are looking for the infamous $$60 billion double dollar man, named Vash. A bounty hunter by the name of Luce Ruth is also looking for the great outlaw with the red coat, earing, big gun, and spiked hair. They all meet up at the mountain where Descartes, (the big guy that caught "Vash") is and have a cghaotic exchange of gunfire where, "Vash" escaoes with the Insurance girls. The insurance girls go back to look for Descartes, belieing that he is vash becauseof the rumors and end up getting caught. Vash comes back and saves them and runs away from the giant Descartes and the bounty hunter Ruth. they finally conrer Vahs at a cliff and he remarkably defeats them both without firing a shot from his cool gun the entire episode. Vash goes krazy and starts laughing like amaniac when an explosives carried by Ruth cause an avalanche of rock to fall on the town below. The insurance gils write up their report and wonder wher ethe real vash might be and who that idotic dork with the red trenchcoat was.