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Truth Of Mistake


This episode starts off with A short Man named Mr. Cliff shooting and hitting someone with a gun. As they run away they look a lot like Vash. Then the title, The Truth Of Mistake. Next up we see Merryl and Millie wandering into a town that is deserted, looking incredibly thirsty. They overhear someone say that the mansion has water so they immediately head over there. When they get there two hands give them water, and they discover that it was Vash who gave them the water. They inquire why he is there and Mr. Cliff walks out, and invites them in. He then explains that he controls water rights in the town and needed a bodygaurd, but not only for him but also for Marianne, who he reveals. She has blonde hair and is very pretty, Vash of course looks real serious all of a sudden (eager to impress any pretty lady). Meryll drags Mr. Cliff away and explains that he really isn't Vash the Stampede. Mr. Cliff agrees and explains that he needed someone just to say they were Vash to scare away all of the towns people. Meryll volunteers her and Millie to be bodygaurds too, hoping that the person who tried to kill Mr. Cliff was Vash. Before dinner is ready, which is prepared by the "bodygaurds" millie and meryll. Vash wanders around and hoping to sneak a peek of Marianne in the shower sneaks out infront of her window, but she wasn't in the shower, although the water was running. At dinner Vash starts a discussion about why Mr. Cliff might have enemies. Marianne becomes outraged because Mr. Cliff sells water, a natural resource and leaves. Vash also leaves to comfort her. Marianne is starting to undress in her room and on her shoulder is a bloody bandage, but Vash comes in and she puts her clothes back on. He then starts a conversation with her about their future together, although she doesn't seem interested. Marianne then distracts him by saying she sees something outside the window, although he doesn't want to Vash charges out and finds Millie and Meryll eating dinner. He calls back to her to say it is okay, but she's not there. Vash and crew look everywhere only to find mariannes bloody bandages. They also discover a secret pasage, which they go down. When they get down there Marianne has revealed herself as a Marshall with orders to stop Cliff. However because of her being shot before, yes that was her not Vash, she is captured. Down in the basement where they are is a water plant, where Mr. Cliff is stealing all of the water that would have gone to the town, not his own supply. Vash daringly steps in a goofily dodges plenty of bullets and stops Mr. Cliff unfortunately all of the stray debris and bullets cause the water stealing equipment to explode. Now the whole gang is looking down at the town which has now been flooded with water. and they all go on their seperate ways, Meryll still not believeing that the goofy guy is Vash.