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"Peace Maker"


This episode starts with a drunk guy who after being thrown out of the bar runs into Vash. And then he claims that because Vash was so rude he should buy him a drink, Vash however tries to run away. Eventually after some wrestling, Millie and Meryll making some jokes, and a little vomit, Vash buys him a drink. In the bar Vash asks about Frank Marlon the gunsmith, the bartender tells him about how long ago frank marlon helped save the town by supplying everyone in town with a gun he made himself. But after the town was saved the bank was robbed and his wife and kid were killed by the robbers who had guns that he had made and given to those people. The drunk guy gets pretty pissed off as she continues on by saying he’s just a drunken fool now and continues to drink, which Vash is buying. Meanwhile Millie and Meryll on their quest to find Vash have informed the mayor that the humanoid typhoon just might be in town, he doesn’t o worry too much about it. Also at this time a group of bank robbers plot to steal all of the money in town using the name Vash the Stampede to scare everyone. Now night time Vash and the drunk guy leave the bar and run into milly and meryll who say they’re on night patrol. As Vash and drunky leave Meryll says that alcohol is only used to cover up problems. At his house Drunky falls asleep after telling Vash he won’t fix his gun, which is why Vash is looking for Marlon who is the drunk guy. Vash sobers up amazingly fast and finds a doll that had to once be marlons daughter’s.

In the morning the entire town is in trouble, the bank robbers are making Merryl and Millie clean out the bank, and noone is there to stop them. Also at this time Marlon wakes up and sees Vash’s gun on the table. In a trash can nearby the bank Vash stands up from inside and surveys the situation, Marlon then shows up and says how they shouldn’t do anything, because whenever you help, someone will get hurt. Vash then goes onto say how this situation is different reffering to what happened oh so long ago, and walks towards the robbers. After confronting them and doding a couple of bullets Vash uses his fingers to make a gun in his pocket, of course the bad guy pulls out this huge gun and points it at him. However one by one all of the towns people pull out a gun and defend their money. The bad guys run away as marlon puts another fake gun to the bad gus back and he runs away. The town is saved and everyone is celebrating at the bar including the quite drunk vash. As he walks out with Marlon his newly restored gun is returned and right before he can say his name he has to barf the end.