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"Love And Peace"


This episode starts off like so many others at a bar, where Meryl and Milly are drinking and are complaining over their lack of success in the Vash hunt. Not too far away a pretty girl just beat a guy in poker and is eagerly asking if anyone else wants to play. Meryl and Milly decline, but a guy sitting at the bar says alright and that the stakes of the game is her life.
In front of the saloon is the sherriff and a ton of deputys. They are discussing how to get the hostages out. A car shows up and a man, the girls father, automatically starts pounding the sherriff for information. He says he will do anything to get her back. Suddenly a man wearing a long red coat walks right past them. It's Vash and he's listening to a walkman, so as he walks into the bar he can't hear everyone yelling at him to stop. But he does as the kidnappers inside all stick their guns at him. Next he is tied up with his gun taken away and the police now have five hostages.
Inside the bar Meryl, Millie, the poker girl, and her butler are hostage along with Vash. Vash gets beaten up repeatedly as he tries to look up the poker girls dress. Outside the sherriff tells the father, Bostok, that he should hire mercenaries to go in and stop the kidnappers. The father finally agrees. They set it up like they were paying off the kidnappers. They have an armored car, drive in front of the bar, with the mney supposedly inside. But as one of the kidnappers goes to check it he is shot by the mercenaries inside. They pop out and shoot everywhere in the bar everyone is safe but the butler who is going to get shot by the merceneries who only really care about money and killing. But Vash starts it off and gets his gun and has it pointed at one of the merceneries, but he can't shoot him, stupid pacifism. Luckily the lead kidnapper and Milly will so they quickly dispose of the merceneries, Vash even beats some up.
It is now time to tell why the kidnappers are doing this. *Flashback* a long time ago that area was all farmers, but four people including bostok and the sherriff came and killed practically everybody for the wealth they had, now they are the most powerful people around. The kidnapper tells our heroes that he is one of the townspeople son as are the other kidnappers. And he wants revenge.
Next scene Vash is walking out of the bar and delivers the new ransom a gunfight between Bostok and the lead kidnapper. Bostok quickly agrees, because he wants to rescue his daughter. The Sherriff says that Bostok is no longer a feared person and has changed just for the love of a daughter. Everyone lines up to watch the fight. And Vash confronts the daughter saying that she can't act ignorant about what her father has done anymore. She Knows. The two men stare and then fire, Bostok is shot, but only in the shoulder, he's okay. Vash is crying because he's happy the lead kidnapper did not kill Bostok. But all the merriment ends when the sherriff and his deputys surround them all. The Sherriff wants more power and so he is going to let Bostok die and then kill everyone else so that he sounds like the hero. Unfortunately for them they didn't count on Meryl who pulls out gun after gun and shoots the gun away from everybody except for the sherriff whom Vash confronts. The Sherriff collapses in fear, Vash takes his badge and throws it in the air, Meryl shoots it in the middle. And Vash tells him that the world cannot be saved without Love and Peace.