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A man sits in a house while a storm rages outside. As if from nowhere Legato appears, the man asks what Legato wants him to do, but there is thunder when he says the name and only the man heard. Both the man and Legato seem happy to be doing this.

Inside a store Vash is looking at all of the stuff for sale. Vash says that the store sells a lot more than just bullets and shoes, but he just wants some shoes. Also Vash asks the store keeper to do him a favor. Outside it's a beautiful day and Milly and Meryl are relaxing on a bench and wishing that they didn't have to work, although they both know they have to. Close by Vash is also sitting on a bench and starting at the blue sky, in the sky he sees a woman with dark hair smiling at him. However Vash can't enjoy the scenery too long, because suddenly a ball hits him in the face. The two kids playing with the ball start to apologize, but Vash starts to chase the kids around with him balancing the ball on his mouth and tongue, terrifying the kids. Milly is happy because Vash is back to normal (after the last episode's very serious vash) and Meryl just gets frustrated. Meryl buys all of the kids icecream including a girl that is standing alone, but when Meryl offers the ice cream to the kid she runs away. They continue to play with the ball, until Legato walks by in the background and Vash freezes. Legato talks to Vash telepathically and reveals himself to be Legato Bluesummers. Legato continues to talk to Vash telepathically as the others run off and continue to play. Legato says that he is there for Vash and that today his life will end. The little girl from before walks over to Legato and he hands her a hot dog, Legato puts a hand on the girls forehead, but when Vash turns Legato's hands are in the air. The girl runs off happily. Legato teases Vash and says that if he wanted everyone here would be dead. Legato then issues a challenge and points to a paper bag he had brought with him. All of a sudden the shoe store owners wife comes out screaming hysterically that her husband is dead.

Inside of the sherriffs office Meryl is trying to convinve the sherriff that Vash is innocent, but the sherriff doesn't believe her and says he can't do anything about it. Inside of a cell Vash is thinking about Legato and wondering why exactly Legato is doing this. Vash thinks that it's because of Him that Legato is doing this and there is a small flashback. A man lies in a pool of blood on the floor and a man who's face you can't see turns around and greets Vash, Vash is very scared. Inside of his cell Vash has slipped into creepy serious Vash and Milly gets upset when she walks in and sees him like that, but his smile returns. He thanks Meryl for trying to get him out of jail, but he wants some time alone. All of a sudden a huge man walks into the sherriffs and pulls out a huge weapon. Vash yells for everyone to get down and there is a gale of bullets in the building. Far away Legato watches the town with a smirk. The man then walks into the cell and reveals himself to be Monev the Gale, and he is there to kill Vash. Vash tries to break his Chains to escape, but Monev pins him to the wall, Meryl tries to shoot him, but he hits her before she can. Right before it seems that he has killed Vash Milly shoots her stun gun and Monev is temporarily stunned. Vash breaks his chains and runs out of the building grabbing his gun on the way.

Vash runs through the streets urging people to go into their homes and stay there until he leaves. Monev just shoots up the entire place and entire buildings filled with people blow up. Vash shoots at Monevs mask and the three bullets cause him to fall back, but Monev runs away in time as Vash starts to shoot more. Milly and Meryl try to walk towards Vash but he tells them not to, they're scared, because this isn't the Vash that they know. He runs to the bank and gets into the vault, outside Monev starts to shoot again, but before the vault door is gone Vash pulls a rope and the door flies at Monev. Vash quickly runs out and uses his last two bullets to shoot the guns on Monevs back and his mask. Monev raises his other gun to shoot Vash, but all of a sudden Vash's left arm turns into a gun and Vash takes out that gun as well. Monev is confused as to why Vash didn't use that gun in the cell of the jail. Vash starts to shout at Monev and says that they're all dead and that he killed them. Vash kicks Monev to the ground and sticks his gun in his face. Suddenly Vash has a flashback and he's talking to Rem about a dream, she tells him that if he worries about certain things he will become old too quickly. Back to the present Vash stands up and hugs himself, he can't kill Monev, because that would be the same as killing Rem for real, and tears fall on his gun.