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the following review is based on the japanese episodes that I (wampaq) saw, so the review isn't very complete. However as more episodes come out in English the review will be redone, to make it more complete.

Vash and Wolfwood manage to board a huge flying ship. Vash is meeting Brado and a doctor on board. Inside they also meet Jessica who really like Vash. Inside Wolfwood is left to hear that they other people on the ship don't like him, because he is an outsider. Vash is talking to the doctor and recieves a new arm, including a new gun built in. Meanwhile Wolfwood hears screaming and hurries to find a room full of dead people. All of the passenger people think wolfwood did it, but Brado after preparing to kill him realizes that Vash said he was okay, and suddenly has other things on his mind when everybody that was once behind him is dead. They look to see Leonof's puppet from the previous episode. The puppet is all shot up, but more come and one even has Jessica. They are still shot up leaving the girl alone. Vash comes along and sees what happened. They prepare to fight as Leonof through his puppet tells him that he's not the only one sent to kill him.