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the following review is based on the japanese episodes that I (wampaq) saw, so the review isn't very complete. However as more episodes come out in English the review will be redone, to make it more complete.

Back on the ship Vash and Wolfwood split up to find the other bad guys. They continue to blow away puppets, and it doesn't take too long for Wolfwood to find Gray the ninelives, who has fingertip machine guns, and what I like to call nipple rockets. Wolfwood starts to shoot him, but it is doing very little, he even shoots him with missiles and they don't do much. Meanwhile we find out that they wish to destroy the plants so that the flying ship will crash. Vash and Brado hurry off to one of the plants and find hoppered the gantret. Hoppered and vash fight. Hoppered is actually winning until they manage to get him down momentarily. Wolfwood has done nothing to Gray except blow off his fake skin to reveal he is a robot. Hoppered has managed to crack the plant and while hoppered is down Vash talks to a being inside the plant, but hoppered manages to destroy it and the lady/heart/scary monster is killed. Meanwhile the ship falls down. Wolfwood finally manages to kill Gray the Ninelives after many missiles and some good luck. The ship crashes and by the way hoppered was killed. All of the people come out of the ship and Brado and Vash are talking. Jessica comes running up and she points a gun at Vash, and proceeds to shoot. However Brado puts his body in the way and dies in Vash's arms, I don't remember who kills the Jessica puppet. Wolfwood then comes out of the ship with the real Jessica who he has just found, and everybody is sad, because Brado is dead. Also at the very end Wolfwood goes and kills Leonof with a missile.