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NameNicholas D. Wolfwood
A.K.APreacher Man
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorBlack
Height6ft something
Favorite Foodit would probably be cigarettes if they were edible.
Weapons\ItemsThe "Cross Punisher", which is the large cross wrapped in cloth and belt straps that Wolfwood always carries. It conceals guns in a hidden compartment and is actually two guns itself. One side of the cross fires a projectile and the other is a machine gun..very kool.
SloganPraise the Lord!
Physical DescriptionWolfwood has dark uncombed black hair and short whiskers on his chin. He wears dark Shades, a black suit with white crosses on the end of his sleeves and a white shirt underneath, often seen with a cigarette.
PersonalityReligous and always trying to help common people out. Also somewhat analytical about people.