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A very nice picture of Millions Knives with The Psycrowe's proffesional touch.  I especially like how its divided between black and white, the contrast is excellent.
by The Psycrowe
A very good  Wolfwood picture by Kurt.  The skecth is also posted in these galleries and you can tell how much he worked to develop the picture..really nice job.
by Kurtr007
A kool unfinished pic of Vash and Nicholas.  I really like how Kellila drew the cross as well.
by Kellilla Yarwood
An innocent loking picture of Knives made in Black and White..spiffy!
by GyaraDragontwo
Alot of attitude in this sketch of Wolfwood with his cross..I like it!
by Airuka Firepetal
Vash is just too cute in this pic..ya gotta love it!!
by Airuka Firepetal