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It's Wolfwood, it's wolfwood without a shirt, what else is there to say!..heh j/k, it's really a nice pic though and the pose is damn cool.
by Leanne R.G
The first fanart piece of gazelle the peacemaker, he's not exactly from Trigun, but considering hes a Nightow designed character we'll definately let it fly, especially from a friend like Dais.  Did I mention the drawing and inking is awesome!!
by Daisrainer
Very cute and well made pic of my favorite couple, Nicholas and Milly.  Keep up the good fight!!... For Love and For Peace, Thompson and Wolfwood Forever!
by Brandon Jones
Marisa has progressively become more and more impressive in her art style, and it rocks!  This is one of her interpretations of Legato, with a simple bold outline and just great design.
by Trigunbunny
My current favorite pic from TB, it's the pic of the moment for a damn good reason, it is aestheticly awesome, aka beautful.  The line style is just remarkable.
by Trigunbunny
Nicely drawn Legato portrait with more detail than the others, very cool.  I personally recommend fixing the gamma setting darker for this one and it will look simply amazing, but it is great as it is anyhow.
by Trigunbunny