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This is both the best Trigun Pic ever and exactly what you're not supposed to do in fanart-J/K On Both counts..heh, no but really it is great.. Love and Peace Baby!!!!
by Ryan
My fellow graphic design colleague, TB, comes up with another awesome Legato pic, it was disputing the pic of the moment slot with another legato of hers, poor thing lost, ah well..  This is were legato
by Trigunbunny
An old pic from Sariaru that i missed during my abscence, but still good as ever!  Milly: Mo BEEEEEERR Grandma!!..i cant imagine that!
by Sariaru
Really nice Vash design made on Flash, Kickin!! Shoot him Vash!--Shoot Him!! .
by Jake Spielbusch
Cool Blue pic of Legato by Leanne D. Wolfwood, if you notice I made it sorta hook up with TB's thumbnail  to form a groovy lil collage thingy... I do that alot in the galleries so y'all should keep your eyes open, nothin is coincidental!
by Leanne R.G
Impressively inked and CGed piece by Girliegirl!  The colors are bright and smooth, the pose simple and subtle, but works well with the design and composition, especially how the background is placed.  Cool Stuff ^_^
by Girliegirl