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A funky pic of the Gun slingin priest, Wolfwood!
by Shalan Darragh
A cool blue pic of Mister Bluesummers himself, Legato!  His spikes are on the wrong shoulder though!
by Airuka Firepetal
An awesome pic by kurt of Rem, Vash, and Knives!!
by Kurtr007
A funny pic of Knives and Legato operating on Vash under the Frankenstein theme. Cool!
by SilverFly
Very impressive picture of Vash in a Trigunny scene, Lex is very talented and this pic proves what she can do.
by Lex
This pic is just excellent and so damn cute!! Its got most of the trigun cast and in Chibi form.  Wonderful!
by Kyra Scarlet Falcon