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The Bad Lad Gang

1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter 5

Each Bad Lad is armed with a machine gun and some really dorky looking armor. All of the badlads appear to be really short, and it isn't ever explained why they're so small. It's not their costumes, because when Milly is in one, she towers over the rest, of course she'd probably do that anyways. The badlad gang is lead by the flashy Brilliant Dynamites Neon. They seem to follow orders well, and no insubordination has been shown in either the manga or the anime series.

Directly after the ordeal with Gofsef and Professor Nebraska in the manga Vash, Milly and Meryl get on a sandsteamer. While Vash, Milly and Meryl are riding on the sandsteamer, the bad lad gang attacks and wants to steal all of the money from on board. Unfortunately to do this they have to make the sandsteamer go off of a cliff so that they can open up the vault, because the key isn't kept on board. Before the bad lads boarded Kaite was their inside man and set things up so that they can get on. Vash runs all over the sandsteamer working to find B.D.N. so that he can stop the robbery. Along the way he faces many of the Bad Lads, and shoots them so that they aren't hurt. Eventually Vash finds B.D.N. and Vash is cornered by the Bad Lads. However just in time Milly and Meryl, who are wearing Bad Lad suits put B.D.N. to gunpoint and it's decided that Vash and B.D.N. will duel. Vash is winning, but Vash's injury that the bad lads had given him, a shot in the gut, is exposed. Seeing as how Vash fought so honerably, even injured, B.D.N. concedes and the bad lads leave.