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Brilliant Dynamites Neon

1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter 5

B.D.N. is the leader of the Bad Lad Gang. everything that him and his gang own is sparkly and ridiculously mirror his philosophy of life being full of light. His weapons include a pistol that acts like a toy by lighting up and creating sounds. Also he has two huge dynamo guns that are just that, two large guns mounted on his shoulders.

B.D.N. set up Kaite to be an inside man for a robbery of a large sandsteamer. Once kaite said it was cool to come on B.D.N. took over the sandsteamer. He discovered that the vault on board's key was actually in the next time, so B.D.N. decided to run the sandsteamer off a cliff to open the vault. Although there is some slight struggle B.D.N. convinces the crew to do it on threat of death. Meanwhile, Vash who is now aided by Kaite is tracking down B.D.N. to stop him. B.D.N. corners Vash and is about ready to kill him, when out of nowhere Milly and Meryl show up wearing Bad Lad suites and put B.D.N. at gunpoint. It is decided that B.D.N. and Vash will have a showdown. While the showdown goes on the sandsteamer runs up againts canyon walls and rocks fly at them, which Vash manages to hide behind. B.D.N. uses his dynamos but vash shoots them and stops them, however Vash falls down because he had been shot much earlier when he was fighting Bad Lads. B.D.N. concedes, because it is not a fair fight. After leaving B.D.N. decides to do something nice and runs some of his cars into the sandsteamer to slow it down, saving everybody on board. B.D.N. and the bad lads leave the wreck.