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Mine The E.G. Mine
1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter 16

E.G. Mine is the Second Gung Ho Gun according to the manga. I'm unsure of his motives to be a gung ho gun. His weapons are a giant spike covered shell, he can shoot the spikes and kill people with them. He is one of the stupidest and weakest Gung Ho Guns, I'm surprised he was even allowed to join.

After the Monev ordeal in town, Vash happens upon a crucified Monev the Gale in the desert. E.G. Mine reveals himself to be the murderer of Monev and wants to fight Vash. Vash very quickly causes E.G.'s spiked shell to fall of him and when Vash sees Legato nearby he rushes away from E.G. to get to Legato. I assume that because of his falure to kill vash that Knives or Legato probably killed him, but his death is not shown in the manga.