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Gray The Ninelives

1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter #20

Gray the Ninelives is made up of nine little midgets who stay inside of Ninelives and control him. His actual body is his most formidable weapon, because of his large size and strength, also his ability to take a lot of damage, since he can keep on going until all of the guys inside of him are dead or have left. However gray also has large metal gloves for an added punch of pain. Also the gloves can shoot missiles which end up in a very large explosion.

Gray was sent to deal with Wolfwood while the Puppetmaster fought Vash. Gray seemed nearly indestructible and beat Wolfwood up fairly bad. Wolfwood finally defeated Gray by firing multiple missiles, tearing off one of gray's arms and finally impaling him on the Cross Punisher. This left the Gray body a very bloody mess, and yet two of the ninelives were still alive and sent to the airship jail. Shortly after the Puppetmaster was defeated the ninelives escaped when some angry people wanted to get revenge, but ended up dying. The ninelives tried once again to attack Vash and Wolfwood, but were easily stopped.