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Hoppered The Gantlet
Hoppered the Gantlet
1st Manga Appearance:

Hoppered is an odd person who is very misformed. His legs while attached to his body don't seem to be able to work, he also has a large hump on his back. As a member of the gung ho guns he wants to exact revenge on Vash the Stampede. His weapons include a large shell that he can use to smash into people, as well as multiple guns. Hoppered uses his hands as feet enabling him to move around.

Hoppered lived in the city of July, shrouded under a cloak and wheeling around on a cart for mobility. He kept a blind girl tied up in his apartment, and he apparently loved her. Unfortunately when Vash the Stampede destroyed July this girl was killed. Hoppered happened to be in the desert at the time, but so grief stricken at the loss of his love he sought revenge on Vash.

After the sixth moon incident and the project seeds ship incident, Legato sends Hoppered with Midvalley the Hornfreak to fight Vash the Stampede. Hoppered fights with Vash and seems to be winning. Also in the general vicinity is Zazie the Beast who has captured Meryl. Hoppered wants to kill Meryl in front of Vash as revenge for Vash killing his love. However the battle ends with Vash being unable to control his plant powers and wings emerge from Vash. When the Wings touch Hoppered and Meryl they both see the confrontation with Knives and Vash that ended with the July incident. Fortunately Hoppered pre set explosives in the building which happen to go off. All of the players including, hoppered, vash, midvalley, wolfwood, the new beast and Meryl all show up for a confrontation. It ends up with Hoppered having shot Midvalley under Legato's control, and later on when Legato is distracted by Meryl, Hoppered is able to shoot Legato. Practically everyone is shot including Hoppered, Midvalley was killed by Legato. All of a sudden Elendira shows up and she takes Legato away, ending the fight. Hoppered says thathe's glad Vash is going to live because he has tolive with the torment of knowing everything he has done. Hoppered then dies. Wolfwood and Vash bury both Hoppered and Midvalley.