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Legato Bluesummers

1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter 13

Legato Bluesummers is one sick son of a bitch. His goal in life is to do the bidding of Knives, his master. Legato does have some powers that allow him to control people, he gets these powers from having vash's left arm grafted onto his body. Legato makes sure that all of knives plans are doing well while Knives is isolated from everyone else, and also tells the Gung Ho Guns what their jobs are. Knives does like Legato some, because the rest of his minions he numbers and labels as disposable, Legato doesn't have a number but is probably still fairly disposable. Legato is carried around in a box in Trigun Maximum because Knives squished his body at the end of Trigun for issuing the death of Vash to the Gung Ho Guns.