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Monev The Gale

1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Chapter 13

Monev the Gale is the first member of the Gung Ho Guns to attack vash. Monev is a slave of Legato and Knives, he has trained his entire life so that he may kill Vash the Stampede. His hope is that when Vash is dead he can finally be free. He is very large and muscular and wears a form fitting purple suit and orange mask. His main weapons consist of large machine guns that he wears around his wrist, he also has a very large gun. They produce a storm of bullets hence his name Monev the Gale.

Monev shows up right after Vash's first meeting with Legato. Vash was put in jail for the crime that Legato commited, and he sits in jail feeling bad for himself. That is until Monev breaks in and starts shooting the place up. Monev shoots Vash's cybernetic arm off, this is why he needs the replacement arm later on in the series. During the battle Monev's mask is shot by Vash and when it has been shot a couple of times Vash has monev at gunpoint. Vash is almost ready to kill Monev, because during their battle many people have died. However Vash doesn't kill Monev and tells him to be a better person, and Monev leaves. A little later Vash is walking off into the desert when he happens upon Monev again. This time however Monev is covered in blood and is missing a leg. He has been nailed to a cross by E.G. Mine who is ready to fight Vash.