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Legato's Bearer
Weird Lady
1st Manga Appearance: Trigun Maximum Chapter --

After Knives crippled Legato's Body, Legato needed a way to get around. So, Legato got this very tall and large woman to carry him around while he is in his coffin. She drives Legato around on a very large motorcycle, and has two very large blades that come out of her arms to fight with. Legato controls her using his powers, but so far we haven't seen what would happen if she could control herself, if she even can.

In a fight between quite a few people Legato rode up with his Bearer and Motorcycle and actually flew into Midvalley, crushing his upper body and killing him. The Fight ended up with a showdown in which quite a few people got shot and others got killed. Elendira effectively ended the fight by taking legato and his bearer away. In the process she nailed down most of Legato's Bearer to the ground, and only her upper body was taken away, with spinal cord dangling down.