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Vash the Stampede is an outlaw with a huge bounty on his head. He travels around his desert world looking for resolution to his horrible past. There is something more to Vash than just his great skill as a gunman and his red coat, although noone can figure it out quite yet. Not even two insurance girls who follow him around making sure he stays out of trouble. The only people who knows are the mysterious band of murders The Gung Ho Guns who wish to kill Vash. However what is the reason behind there attacks? is it because of the strange blue haired man who loves carnage, or perhaps the only person remaining from Vash's past.

Trigun Maximum
After the Sixth Moon incident Vash must reestablish his beliefs as a pacifist with the help of the insurance girls and the strange priest Wolfwood. However now that Knives has revealed himself, Vash must also seek out his brother and save mankind from the plots that the psycho has in mind. Even now though Vash has to be very careful so that he doesn't lose control of his true being again, and also fight the remaining Gung Ho Guns to keep them from causing more Carnage.