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Trigun Maximum Volume #2

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Chapter #01 ---

Descartes is shackled up and standing next to a large group of law enforcers. The captain makes descartes a deal, that if he helps the help the law then his sentence will be cut. All they want him to do is to check out a house where a man has gone missing. The police are being cautious because mass dissapearances have been happening a lot lately. They arm Descartes and as he starts towards the house, Gray the Ninelives and Midvalley the Hornfreak show up. The police start to shoot at them, after a mass of bullets and Descartes Boomerang have been sent they think that the two villains are dead. However at that moment Gray pops up infront of Descartes and kills him. Midvalley starts to play on his sax and more men die. Not too far off, Hoppered launches towards the police killing many of them. Hoppered then warns them to run away, but it's too late. Legato takes control of the remaining men and march them all inside of a truck. unfortunately for them this crushes them all, and the truck drips blood.

Elsewhere, Brad and Sensei are walking to a meeting place with one of their air ships. There is a small flashback to there small encounter with Vash not too far back, and their invitation for him to come and visit. However a small bug is flying around them and it is one of Leonov's Puppets. Infront of Legato stands another puppet, and it reports that they know where Vash the Stampede is.

Chapter #02 Resume Our Business

Legato sits in a throne like chair infront of a table. He is eating, but without using his hands since they can't be used anymore. Midvalley looks upon him in disgust, and asks the other gung ho guns if this is what they really want to be doing, they could stop it by killing Legato. Hoppered agrees, but none of the others show any support. Midvalley points a gun at Legato, but Legato makes Midvalley's body fold backwards, not killing him. He then reveals that their new orders from Knives are simply to cause vash suffering, not kill him as was the first plan. Rei Dei is ready to go.

Out in the desert Vash and Wolfwood are driving in a motorcycle. Wolfwood gets mad because he always has to drive and they switch. However as soon as Vash starts driving he crashes the motorcycle, and says he doesn't drive well. Wolfwood is driving again. They are on their way to a city where the inhabitants have dissapeared, which is occuring all over the planet. Supposedly in the town the name Knives is written in the middle of town, Vash asks how Wolfwood knows the name Knives. However Wolfwood changes the subject by pointing out a sandworm in the distance. The sand worm happens to be ridden by Rei Dei the Blade. In town Vash sees Knives name and Rei Dei shows up to confront Vash with a fight to the death, despite Legato's latest instructions. Rei Dei recognizes Wolfwood and tells him not to interfere, this confuses Vash a little, and the fight begins. Rei Dei uses his sword and rollerskate shoes. He is able to deflect vashes bullets, but he is not really able to get a good strike in. Rei Dei then exposes the plan for the Gung Ho Guns to attack the airship Vash used to call home. Vash tries to hurry towards the ship, but Rei Dei challenges him again and won't let him pass, until he fights.

Chapter #03 Samurai Showdown

Rei Dei and Vash once again start to fight. Wolfwood watches in an uncaring way. Neither fighter seems to be making any ground against the other. Vash stops rei dei's sword strikes with his gun and rei dei stops bullets with his blade. Rei Dei uses his roller skate shoes to move quickly around Vash, and actually manages to knock Vash's gun away. However Vash's gun arm pops out and surprises Rei Dei. Wolfwood also looks surprised that Vash used it. Both fighters lung towards the other again. Rei Dei is on the ground with his sword in his hand, looking very tired, when Vash blasts his sword sending it flying away. Vash once again has a gung ho gun at gun point and is ready to let them go.

Chapter #04 Wolfwood

Vash starts to walk away, and Rei Dei stays sitting in the dirt. However Rei Dei is not ready to admit defeat and he grabs his sword ready to strike vash from behind. As he runs at Vash he's shot by Wolfwood. Vash realizes what Wolfwood has done and goes berserk and punches Wolfwood. Wolfwood starts to yell at Vash that Rei Dei was going to try to kill Vash, and that he did what had to be done. He also says that Vash shouldn't underestimate the Gung Ho guns and that if he truly wished to protect the innocent he should stop those who threaten him. Wolfwood gives Vash his gun and points it at his face, and dares Vash to stop him from killing the bad guys by killing him. Vash looks like he's going to do it, but he can't. Zazie the Beast watches from a rooftop.

Elsewhere two cloaked people, one very tall and the other short walk into a bar. They look very imposing, but when they drop their hoods we see that it's Milly and Meryl, and they need a ride. Catching a ride in a thomas truck Milly and Meryl are driving to the next town to find Vash. However when they look up into the sky they see a very large ship steadily getting bigger, because it's coming straight for them. The huge ship barely misses the truck and Milly and Meryl go to investigate. When the ship door is opened Jessica drops out and mutters Vash's name as she collapses.

Chapter #05 Desperado

Chapter #06 Home Sweet Home

A man is shot and dies, but talks a lot before he does. Meanwhile Vash and Wolfwood are riding a ski lift type thing up into the clouds. They have a quick heart to heart and suddenly Wolfwood sees they are heading towards a large airship. They're going there because it was once Vash's home and the Gung Ho Guns are heading there to cause Vash suffereing. Vash and Wolfwood come onboard and make their way to what appears to be a park in the ship. All of the people go over and greet Vash. However as they bunch around them they suddenly fall to pieces. Up in the tree stands a man wearing a dark cloak glasses and hat as well as an equally weird looking person. The man reveals himself to be The fourth Gung Ho Gun, Leonov the Puppetmaster.

Chapter #07 ---