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Trigun Volume #2

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Chapter #08 Duelist

The Sandsteamer continues to go out of control and is heading for the cliff. Vash, is being shot at and is stuck against a wall. Luckily none of the badlads hit him, instead they shoot all around him. B.D.N. exposes how he used kaite to get Vash in this room by threatening the little kid, who was giving him directions. As B.D.N. gets ready to shoot Vash a Derringer is put against his head. Meryl threatens B.D.N. with the derringer, her bad lad disguise worked perfectly. the badlads pull up their guns to shoot, but Milly sends off a couple of warning shots from her Stungun, and then takes her mask off too. Everyone is surprised to see the insurance girls. Unfortunately the sandsteamer hits a wall of a canyon and everyone is thrown to the ground, at least almost everyone. B.D.N. and Vash have guns pointed at eachother and agree to a duel. If Vash wins then the sandsteamer will be stopped, if he loses B.D.N. will have control to do whatever he wants.

B.D.N. and Vash meet on the deck of the sandsteamer. Everyone else watches as they realize that this is the deciding point of their fates. B.D.N. flips a coin, once it reaches the deck the duel will begin. However before the coin touches the deck, the sandsteamer hits a large bump on the canyon floor and rocks are sent flying through the air. Amidst the rocks the coin hits and B.D.N. starts the duel by using his dynamos (the large guns on his shoulders). Vash crouches behind one of the oncoming rocks and stays perfectly behind the rock to stay hidden, B.D.N. still fires at all of the rocks hoping to hit vash. Vash decides it's his turn and shoots, his bullet blasts the dynamos off of B.D.N. and the villain is stunned. Unfortunately all of the tumbling has torn open Vash's wound and he lays on the deck bleeding. Everyone is surprised that Vash is hurt and a rock flies towards his head, but B.D.N. shoots the rock away from Vash. B.D.N. admits defeat to an honorable opponent who would fight while wounded. Milly and Meryl start to reflect on how good Vash is, but then a crew member runs up with the news that they can't stop the sandsteamer, because the breaks aren't working.

Chapter #09 ---

Vash tells kaite to help with the brake problem. The crew members hate him for what he did with B.D.N. and physically hurt him, but Vash reassures him. Then more bad news comes, the onboard plant isn't doing well and not even the engineers know what to do. Vash seems a little saddened and goes to see what he can do to help. The plant is a giant lightbulb looking thing and inside is a woman who has parts of people sticking out her back and a lot more biomass is in the back, with large feathers poking out everywhere. The plants are what allow the humans to live on the planet by producing what they need, such as water, electricity and other elements of human survival. Vash puts his head against the plant and seems to be making some sort of connection with the plant, feathers even pop out his back in one panel. The plant calms down.

Meanwhile the crew is wearing heat resistant suits trying to get to a switch that will allow some of the heat to escape and the brakes to cool. However all of the crew is too big, but Kaite jumps in the last second and turns the super heated switch even when it burns his hands. Kaite turns the switch and the breaks work, but it's still not enough to stop the sandsteamer from going off the cliff. In an odd move, B.D.N. rams one of his vehicles against the steamer to help slow it down.

Kaite wakes up in a bed all bandaged, Vash is watching him. The sandsteamer stopped right along the edge of the cliff. Kaite and Vash walk onto the top of the sandsteamer and look at the view, Kaite starts to sing. Vash recognizes the song as one that Rem use to sing and comments on it. Everyone on the steamer is rescued shortly after.

Chapter #10 Little Arcadia

Chapter #11 ---

Chapter #12 ---

Chapter #13 Blood and Thunder