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Trigun Maximum Volume #4

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Chapter #01 Counting Down

Chapter #02 Bluesy Horn Killer

Midvalley is reflecting on his job as a Gung Ho Gun and how all the ones who have fought Vash are already dead. Him and Hoppered are looking at a ships hull that has been split apart, Midvalley suspects that knives did it because of the intensity of the blade used. Midvalley flashes back to being in a bar where him a guitarist and a drummer have just killed everyone (with their instruments). Knives is clapping and says that he is collecting weapons and their is a spot for them. Midvalley thinks about how he has killed many people of all kinds for Knives.

Legato is reporting to Knives about the loss of Ninelives and the Puppetmaster. He asks knives what should be done about Chapel, but Knives responds that Chapel is doing his job perfectly Babysitting Vash. Legato is surprised, he didn't know. Midvalley thinks about his chances of killing Legato and has another flashback. The guitarist and the Drummer attack Knives despite Midvalley's warning and they are chopped to pieces, Midvalley stands shocked. Meanwhile in the desert a very thirst Vash and Wolfwood walk through the desert, Meryl and Milly drive by chugging water, but they're too mad to let them in. Vash and Wolfwood run after them screaming "sorry". Back with baddies, Legato approves of Hoppered and Midvalley and sends them after Vash, together.

Chapter #03 Bottom of the Dark

Chapter #04 ---
Vash and Wolfwood are spending some time in the hospital for dehydration. Milly and Meryl walk out onto the street when a big criminal is killing people. Milly quickly blasts him and Meryl keeps him still with a derringer to the head until the law comes. Meryl reminisces about being taught about guns. A little bug flies away from the scene and reports to Zazie. Later that night Wolfwood and Vash leave the hospital and talk about going to the near downed air ship, probably because of the things knives has been doing to the airships by making them not work.

Midvalley and Hoppered are in a mini sandsteamer headed for Vash and they talk briefly about Vash and Knives. Meanwhile Zazie is watching Milly and Meryl as they walk out of a building. Zazie sends a whole bunch of bugs and when Milly isn't looking the bugs take Meryl.

Chapter #05 ---

Chapter #06 ---

Chapter #07 ---