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Trigun Maximum Volume #6

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Chapter #01 The Gunslinger

Meryl and Wolfwood are sitting in a café, eating and discussing Vash. Wolfwood tries to convince Meryl to leave the case and to go back to office work where she and Milly would be safe.

Meanwhile, Vash is at target practice. The sheriff, Murdoch, is watching Vash practice and comments on what a terrible shot he is – firing all those rounds but only getting a couple of shots, and never once hitting a major organ. He punches Vash and tells him that he doesn’t like the looks of him. Brandon Marlon, son of Frank, is also watching. He takes Vash’s gun to adjust it and gives him a replacement to use.

While this is going on, a bandit gang led by two men named Yingwe and Yangwe (their motif is the symbol of ying/yang) decide to attack the town. They are inside a tank, throwing dynamite and blowing up buildings. Sheriff Murdoch goes to confront them, but as he does, a group of their men appear and surround him. They are about to kill him when Vash appears and defeats the underlings. He tries to talk Yingwe and Yangwe into leaving town, but they throw dynamite at him. To Murdoch’s amazement, Vash shoots the fuses off and then disables the tank. The sheriff realizes that Vash’s target practice wasn’t bad shooting – he was able to shoot thousands of rounds through the same bullet holes and never miss a shot.

Chapter #02 Double Team

Chapter #03 Cross X Assassins

Chapter #04 Death Omen

Chapter #05 Colorless Expression

Chapter #06 Seeds Voyaging to the Stars, A World Inside a Pod