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Trigun Volume #1

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Chapter #00 High Noon At July

a barren landscape covered with pieces of what used to be buildings. Only one man is visible he is covered and he stands looking at the landscape while a sheet blows up around him. There is a wanted poster for Vash The Stampede he had destroyed that town and created that landscape now he is worth 60 billion doulbe dollars.

Chapter #01 ---

There is a group Tough looking guys walking down the street they have tons of guns and ammo. They pass a sign that says Todays Injury Cases 603, Todays murder cases 72. Someone is thrown out of window in front of them but they donít even stop to look, and as the walk further away you can see the man spurting a small fountain of blood.

Vash the Stampede is sitting at a table and a waitress is serving him food. At the counter a little boy is saying how he wants a real gun instead of the toy gun in his hand. The group of men enter the restaurant and immediately open fire. Vash jumps out of the way of their bulllets, they continue to fire until they see vash laying on the flour with blood coming out from under him. The little boy has dropped his gun and is crying. The murderers are celebrating all except one who cautiously moves toward the body. He sticks his gun close to Vash who sticks his finger into the barrel of the gun. While his buddies are still excitedly dancing around he scuttles back in fear. Laughing Merrily Vash is pretending to be part of the murderers who finally realize he isnít dead. Vash exposes that he used Ketchup for blood and one of the murderers starts to pull a gun, but Vash has the toy gun already in his hand. The men ask Vash exactly who he is, because of what he can do, and he replies in a full of himself kind of way (fill in comments about mayflys and love here). The men get really angry over this and start to yell and threaten to shoot him, however vash pulls the one guy that still has bullets over to him. They leave in defeat leaving all of their stuff, Vash gives the toy gun back to the little boy who is more than happy to have it now. The other people in the restaurant are very happy with vash and tell him what a good person he is.

In a diner in the middle of nowhere nothing special is going on, there are people eating and playing pinball. That is until two women walk in, they walk very cautiously and go to the bar. They order. The small one is very stern and the very tall one is as sweet as the ice cream she tries to order. The men in the bar move towards them looking for an opportunity for some love. As one of them gets close a huge gun falls out of the tall ones coat. She picks it up with ease and all of the men draw back. With no one to bother them the short one asks the bar tender about Vash he tells them a little. The two women storm out of the building and mount their kiwi looking riding animals and ride off to find Vash the Stampede.

Back in the restaurant the nice people have pulled guns on Vash and the entire town is outside ready to get him. The Waitress asks apolegetically for Vash to turn himself in, he gives a somewhat uneasy smile.

Chapter #02 Looney Tunes

The first three pages of this chapter are title pages with a monologue about who vash is. The pictures start with something falling to a planet, they land with a large explosion and you can see ships. The next panel is a map, with the city of July crossed out, then a big panel of Vash and the title...LOONEY TUNES.

Vash is falling inbetween two buildings and he is trying to slow himself down, but he lands on his head anyways. He isn't seriously hurt though and runs away as people start shooting at him. The entire town is hunting Vash and the noises can be heard in the desert where Meryl and Milly are. They hear the gunshots and ride fast to the town. At first they aren't able to get anybodys attention, but Meryl pulls out a megaphone although it doesn't help them any.

Vash is running on a roof top and jumps off as more people shoot at him. He grabs onto some clotheslines, and when he hits the ground something flies past him. A second later Milly and Meryl are watching a huge explosion, they start to get angry as they see people getting hurt by eachother and the numerous buildings that have been blown apart. Vash hangs on a windowsill and waves at the person who shot the missile at him, he starts running again. Meryl has now started a rampage yelling at people to stop what they are doing, but noone is listening. Only Kuroneko even looks at them, but starts cleaning itself which makes Meryl really pissed off, the ever cute Milly picks up Kuroneko. They both head off to find a headquarters of some sort.

At the town headquarters people are bringing in casualty and damage reports, the leader of this is getting sick at the thought of what he did. We find out that he has called in the Nebraska Family, a mad scientist and Gofsef his "son" that is a giant he made. Gofsef trips over a car, and starts to cry. Milly and Meryl see these criminals and freeze up in terror. They find the director guy and start to beat him up. Vash sticks his head out of hiding to see what's happening.

Unfortunately this break in concentration has allowed a group of women to surround him, they tell him that he must let himself be killed, because they need the reward money. In the Anime it is so they can fix their malfunctioning Plant, however there are no pictures to indicate that this is true here. They are just about to kill Vash but he becomes desperate and angry, he pulls his gun on them, they of course become very scared. Right about then, they here something and Vash tells them all to get down, but the building is shattered around them. We see that Gofsef has a launching fist (kinda like an action figure) and he has made it hit the building where they were. Mad Scientist guy (I'll find his name later) is taunting the fact that it didn't take very long to defeat Vash, and that he was a push over. However Mad Scientist then sees Vash, Gofsef reels his arm back on and on the hand it says "Kiss My Ass" (the funny thing is that every now and then there are some english words and most of them are stuff you might get off of T.V. like "FREEZE!!" or cuss words.) Anyways, Vash has one of the women in his arms and he looks seriously at the Nebraska Family....

Chapter #03 ---

This chapter is full of repetition and larger panels do to the action involved so the summary will be shorter due to the lack of a lot of stuff happening.

Gofsef and Mad Scientist are gloating over what a goody two shoes Vash is. Vash is uncovering the people who had been in the building with him when it was hit by the fist. Mad Scientist lights a cigarette while waiting, and Vash continues uncover people. The townspeople who have all crowded around are amazed that Vash is helping them after what they have done to him. Mad Scientist grows impatient and Gofsef's fist flies towards vash, Vash narrowly jumps out of the way.

Vash is just a little hurt, and without any words puts on his sunglasses and prepares to draw his gun, Gofsef in turn takes aim. Gofsefs arm flies and vash has pulled his gun, and five bullets fly towards the raging fist, each hitting in turn. There is a large dust cloud, and when it settles Vash is standing there, everyone is astounded. Gofsef pulls his arm back to fire again, but it is malfunctioning and he falls over in pain.

Everyone is saying how great a shot Vash must be. From the rooftop of a building Milly and Meryl are shouting through the megaphone to get Vash's attention. When they finally have it they tell him who they are, and that they will be following him around keeping him out of trouble. At that moment Mad Scientist attacks Vash, but Milly and Meryl pull and fire guns on him, and he gets hit. Vash is very surprised. End of the first arc.

Chapter #04 ---

Vash, Milly and Meryl are sitting in a restaurant. Vash is eating while Meryl is talking. Outside a Sandsteamer has arrived and Milly is excited. Vash disappears from his seat, and is heading off towards the sandsteamer. While walking he is spotted by the kid from before and the whole town surrounds him and thanks him again. A young boy is watching him from a rooftop. Everyone in town is in the bar celebrating Vash, Milly is drunk and Meryl is talking with some guy.

Two Hookers are standing over a very pleased looking Vash lying asleep in a bed. However he was only pretending to be asleep and thinks to himself. The next morning the whole town is giving him a send off as he leaves on the sand steamer. He waves goodbye to the children who run after him. He then throws up over the balcony.

While trying to sleep in a whole on the ship Vash is woken up by someone who works on the ship. They offer Vash a job as the protector of the ship for a while which he says okay to. While peeing in the bathroom the ceiling vent falls directly on top of Vash hitting him in the head. The cause of it was the boy who had been watching Vash on top of the building. He scurries back into the vent, Vash in a rage busts his head through the ven looking for the boy, he looks really pissed. Vash pulls down the boy and starts to tell him what he did wrong. The boy tells an untrue story about his past which made him do it. Vash knows he is lying and tells him some stuff. In one panel we see that the boy has an object in his overalls. Very last panel is of Meryl and Milly washing dishes for the ships crewman we saw before.

Chapter #05 ---

Vash is getting some things to eat at the ships store. Working at the store are Milly and Meryl, Vash doesn't seem to be very happy that they are there. He takes the food back to his room where the boy is waiting (I'll start saying Kaite from now on, I'm not sure when he says his name though so I'll just start using it.) Kaite attacks Vash, and devours the food while looking out of the window. Kaite talks a little and Vash is sad. Vash picks up a glass of something that was sitting on a table, and he falls over after drinking it. Kaite pulls out the object shown before in his overalls, and crawls through the vents to the deck.

Brilliant Dynamite NEON is outside riding in vehicles with the Bad Lad Gang. He lights a sparkler/cigarette, and talks a lot, presumably about how great he is, I don't know. On the Deck Kaite signals them with the object. The Bad Lads see this and prepare to board. The crew of the ship see the approaching gang and start to fire. A couple of the vehicles are destroyed, but others make it past the guns.

Milly and Meryl in their very small bunks feel all of the gun shots and such, and get up to look around and see what is happening. The Bad Lads continue to board the ship and B.D.N. talks shortly with Kaite who has shown up. Vash is still knocked out, and is dreaming that he is talking to Rem. Rem is undoubtedly telling him about something she knows, the dream however ends and she falls away. Vash awakes between the bed he was on and the wall. At that moment a Bad Lad walks in, but can't see Vash because of where he is. B.D.N. is telling all of the passengers to hand over their valuables, but he can't get into the vault of the ship. To open the vault he decides to throw the whole ship over a cliff. He threatens the driver and they head in that direction.

Chapter #06 Die Hards

Everyone is in a bad situation. The crew of the ship can't stop it out of fear for their lives. The passengers are being held hostage by the Bad Lads, Vash is thinking to himself, and Milly & Meryl are getting ready for action. On the bridge of the ship the pilot decides to be courageous and starts to put on the break, but B.D.N. steps on his hand. When the pilot continues B.D.N. shoots him, and blood leaks out onto the floor. At that second Kaite walks in. Kaite sees the dead man, and tells B.D.N. that was not supposed to happen, and he also says that they should not destroy the ship. B.D.N. starts to get mad as Kaite tries telling him what to do, Kaite continues, B.D.N. kicks him and when Kaite starts talking again he puts a gun in his face, and really tells him what to do. Right before B.D.N. I think is going to kill Kaite, Vash crashes through the window, and neutralizes some of the Bad Lads. Quickly grabbing Kaite he jumps out of the window and they are able to climb up the side of the ship.

Milly and Meryl find two Bad Lads, and quickly knock them out. Meanwhile, B.D.N. has a hostage on the bridge and is threatening her, while the captain looks very woried. Meanwhile Kaite and Vash have climbed into an airduct, Kaite starts to go into a flashback, but Vash stops him. Vash starts to wonder about what he's going to do and Kaite pulls out a map of the ship. Once again Kaite starts to flashback to thoughts about his father and the original plans for the ship, but Vash gets him back to the present by hitting him really hard. Kaite, obviously in pain listens as Vash says that they can do something. The Ship is still heading for the cliff, but is running up against the canyon wall (B.D.N. probably wanted this fixed before and that's why he had the hostage).

Chapter #07 ---

A group of Bad Lads are walking down a hall, they see two oxygen containers rolling at them, they're scared, because the oxygen could detonate, killing them all. However the containers are duds, Vash jumps out from behind them and shoots the bad-lads. Vash and Kaite walk into a room with a whole bunch of pipes. They are able to hear the communications of B.D.N. and the bad lads through the pipes. Back in the control room a bad lad walks up to B.D.N. and falls over. On his back is a funny looking picture of Vash. B.D.N. smiles and laughs.

Vash pretends he is a bad lad and shouts out some info into the comm tubes. Of course this sends a whole bunch of bad lads to where vash wants them. When they get there, vash shoots them, but misses some, because one of the bad lads is bleeding. Kaite says that he should leave the dying bad lad, but vash fixes him up. At the same time Kaite notices that Vash is shot, Vash simply remembers rem and says that even if he gets hurt others shouldn't. Kaite disagrees and yells at him. Vash continues on and is stopping a lot of the bad lads. B.D.N. is thinking about Vash is able to know where the bad lads are, hmmmm. Meanwhile Kaite is thinking back to what vash said when he was fixing the injured man. Kaite was realizing that his father had done some stuff that wasn't good, and now that Kaite had done some stuff bad, he was having a problem with realizing that he could start again, like Vash said. At the same time, B.D.N. has figured out how Vash knew where to go, and he lays in wait for Vash. When Vash opens some doors he sees a large group of bad lads and B.D.N. himself who welcomes him.