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Trigun Volume #2

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Chapter #14 Diablo

Milly and Meryl are arguing with the sherriff because they don't believe that Vash is the killer of the shop owner. Vash just sits in a cell not arguing his point, instead he is having a flashback. He remembers Rem and she explains to him what Project SEEDS is. She shows him the sleep chambers of all the people and happy times with rem. However Vash suddenly remembers the project seeds breaking up, and the last time he saw Rem trying to save the ships while she sent him away in an escape pod. In the escape pod Vash watches helplessly as Rem is killed as the ship enters the atmosphere of the planet they are on. Another boy is also in the escape pod and he reveals himself to be the reason the ships fell to the planet, Vash is outraged at his brother, Knives. Back in the present Vash sits looking angstful. When Milly sees this she says that this isn't the same Vash she knows, and Vash becomes his usual self.

Right then a cloaked figure with a hat walks in and Vash yells for everyone to get down. The Man start to shoot up the entire building with very large machine guns on his wrist, in the aftermath we see the man who Legato sent. The man reveals himself to be the first Gung Ho Gun Monev the Gale. He charges into the cell after Vash and eaily pins Vash to wall by his throat. When Meryl tries to shoot Monev she is thrown against the wall. Vash quickly shoots Monev sending the Villain back a little, and Vash breaks the chains holding him to the wall. Monev sends a barrage of bullets at Vash as Monev retreats to the outside of the building. Vash follows and looks very evil as he watches the villain.

Chapter #15 ---

Vash grabs his gun on the way out of the sherriff's office. Outside Monev drops his very large wrist machine guns attached to his right arm because Vash shot him in the right shoulder. Monev jumps high up onto the top of a building and runs away. Vash follows cautiously hiding behind buildings but suddenly realizes that Monev is about to fire. And fire he does, even with only one gun he manages to destroy about a block of the city and as Vash sees the countless people getting killed and all of the destruction Vash gets his arm hit and it's blown off. Vash shoots at Monev hitting him in his helmet. Monev gets up as Milly Comes to see what has happened, but Vash yells at her to go back, and we see even more dead people. Vash has another flashback and we see Vash trying to hit Knives but is unable to. Knives then notices that the other Project SEEDs ships are still working and are going to land, at first he is mad, but his anger turns into a maniacal smile.

Vash is walking to the town and bank and threatens the gaurd with his gun to open the vault, which the gaurd does. Outside Monev is retrieving some weapons he brought, infact it's only one huge weapon that looks like it can do more damage than his arm guns. Vash waits in the vault and loads his gun. Monev then starts to shoot up the bank, Vash stands aside and the bullets miss him although he gives off one very good shot that shatters Monev's mask Another shot sends Monev to the ground and Vash is quickly on top of Monev with his gun to the villains head. He looks as if he is going to kill Monev, but a brief vision of Rem makes him stop. Milly and Meryl as well as the remaining town members surround them.

Chapter #16

Vash has Monev at Gunpoint, but doesn't shoot him. Instead he leaves him in the street, as Vash walks away Monev throws his coin half at Vash. Vash catches it and walks away. The town has started to rebuild and Meryl and Milly are busy writing their report of the events. They listen in to the town folk and it seems that the town wants Vash to leave. Milly and Meryl go to see Vash after hearing the news. He's in his room without a shirt drinking a bear. His chest is covered in multiple scars, and he also has his left arm off, leaving just a stump for Milly and Meryl to see. They're surprised by what they see, and Meryl becomes a little upset at Vash for multiple reasons. Vash leaves town and receives dirty looks from a couple of people. Milly and Meryl follow a good distance behind.

After watching a short distance Vash comes upon a large cross and Monev has been nailed to it. Seeing the dead Monev shocks Vash, and he warns the insurance girls to stay back. Mine the E.G. Mine appears on a rock nearby. Mine looks incredibly feirce and has a giant ball with spikes coming out of it that he can shoot. (Wampaq Note: Monev was nailed to the cross, but mine doesn't seem to have any way to shoot nails or anything, so maybe someone else did it, who shows up later in Tri Max vol 5, but this is just speculation based on pictures) Vash quickly draws his gun and with one shot shoots mine's spikey ball suit off of him. Before he can do anything else Vash hits him over the head with his bag, knocking him out. Vash senses that Legato isn't far off and looks up to the plant. Standing on part of the plant Legato is watching. Vash shoots at Legato and states that Legato is now his target.

Chapter #17 Slaugter Cafe

Legato sits at a bar thinking about Vash and what he said during their last encounter. meanwhile a car pulls up to the same bar and a bunch of guys walk in with some girls that are in chains. Everyone in the bar looks incredibly afraid of the gang, but Legato sits eating. When one of the chained girls looks at Legato one of the gang members hits her very hard. The gang leader starts to adress Legato, but Legato doesn't even look up. The leader gets angry and shoots Legatos fork, and then continues to shoot all around Legato. Legato stands up looking very annoyed. One of the gang members suddenly lifts his arm up and plunges his arm into his own chest and pulls out his own heart, throwing blood everywhere. The other gang members lift up their guns to shoot Legato but only succeed in shooting each other. Legato leaves the bar with a very bloody mess on the floor. Outside Legato seems happy and thinks again of Vash the Stampede.

Chapter #18 ---

Vash is having another one of his phase out and think of bad things. This time he is thinking about his encounters with Legato. While he is reflecting he sees something out of his window on the bus. When the driver investigates he finds a man wearing a dark suit and carrying a large cross. The man reveals himself to be wolfwood, and he seems to be real friendly. Although it looks as though Vash has his reservations about the new guy, Wolfwood seems real friendly towards Vash. Meanwhile one of the slave traders (from the same gang that Legato encountered in the last chapter) comes to town. An old man tells him that all of his gang mates were killed by Legato. The gang searches the town for Legato, but Legato decides to make himself known. he gets a lot of guns pointed at him and without saying anything he practically folds up one of the gang members with his powers.

Back on the bus, Wolfwood is trying hard to haggle a seat on the bus with the bus driver. The bus driver eventually agrees even though Wolfwood didn't pay enough, as thanks Wolfwood lets the bus driver use his portable confessional. A small church looking box that he puts on peoples heads. The bus driver declines. Vash comments on Wolfwood, and Wolfwood briefly says something about the church he works for that is running out of money. As he says this two raggy looking kids ask Wolfwood for something. Wolfwood in turn gives them all of the money he has left, which isn't much. Vash of course approves. Back in town the gang members are all dead and in a very large pile of body parts. Seven new people then walk on and Legato greets them.

Chapter #19 ---

Gray the Ninelives. Dominique the Cyclops. Zazie the Beast. Leonof the Puppetmaster. Hoppered the Gantlet. Rei Dei the Blade. And Midvalley the Hornfreak. Vash and Crew are riding along, and Vash seems to be dodging questions asked by Meryl, Milly and Wolfwood. When the get to town it looks like noone is there, despite the town being very big. Wolfwood leaves the group to the surprise of the others. Vash then suddenly runs off too, he runs to a door and opens it, a kid is inside and he yells at Vash to go away. Vash's finger gets slammed and Vash does go away. Vash eventually stumbles upon a really bloody field. Then, from nowhere a woman wearing a cowboy hat, eyepatch and trenchcoat appears from nowhere. She reveals herself to be Dominique the Cyclops the third gung ho gun. She talks to Vash, and shows him her coin half that means she belongs to the group, and the fight begins.

Dominique is incredibly fast and whenever Vash points his gun at her she is suddenly not there anymore, she manages to get the better of Vash many times. Meanwhile Wolfwood is walking towards a church, and suddenly a bunch of guys start attacking him. He quickly beats them up with his wrapped up punisher. Vash and Dominique continue their fight which seems to be one sided in favor of Dominique. Vash can't figure out why she is able to move so fast, but after concentrating a little he realizes that it's her eyepatch. He attacks quickly shooting her right in the eye patch.

Chapter #20 ---

Wolfwood has beaten all of the men and he continues into the church, inside is Legato Bluesummers. Legato starts talking to Wolfwood. Dominique was thrown back by the power of the gunshot, she is clutching her eye. Vash looks a little scared as she shows him her eye that looks like a lizard or cat eye. Vash keeps his gun pointed at her, and she gets increasingly angry. She realizes that she has lost and throws her coin half to the ground and jumps off the building. Vash reaches out to save her, but he's too late and she dies.
Meanwhile a man is walking through town and towards the church. Inside the church he sees all of the gung ho guns including Wolfwood, and Legato talks to him. They walk outside and stare at one of the towns plants, inside the plant look to be two beings covered in feathers and body parts that look like hearts and other organs. Vash immediately sits up in his bed, he quickly runs to the door, Milly and Meryl try to stop him, Meryl even hits him. However Vash continues on. On the mountain A single being has emerged, Legato even shed a tear at this beings emergence from the plant. Vash runs through town past the fleeing people, and he arrives to see Legato bowing before Knives.

Knives moves to see Vash and squishes Legato at the same time, not killing him though. Vash quickly raises his gun to meet Knives. Knives acts mockingly scared. He greets Vash and he talks to an apprehensious looking Vash. Wolfwood and the other Gung Ho Guns watch the events as they unfold. Then suddenly Knives grabs Vash's head in his hand, Vashes body starts to change and his entire arm turns into a large tube covered in feather and body parts. Vash is screaming and Knives has a maniacal smile on his face. Energy builds in Vash's arm and it grows so out of control that it slices Vash's and Knives legs throwing Knives away. The energy is expelled through the end of the weapon, the energy flies towards one of the moons and leaves a huge crater. The force of the weapon cause the whole town to shake, and Wolfwood looks incredibly scared as he realizes the power of Vash and Knives. The whole town looks up in fear and awe at the crater in the moon and the top of the hill where these events have taken place.