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Legato on Denim!! Can't get much crazier than that!..Trigun Crazy!
by Leanne R.G
Cool Poster design and 3D modeling of Vash's gun, note that the twin images in the background were made by Yasuhiro Nightow and not the artist
by Justin Otsuji
If you thought Legato on denim was crazy and cool, well here we got the girls on jeans for you!!
by Leanne R.G
A very kawaii pic of Vash and Knives when they were young and still had their innocence and long hair.
by Leanne R.G
An older pic from Sariaru that I had never put up, but it is still very kool and cute!
by Sariaru
A colored version of Kurt's pic with Vash and the rpg charcter Kel'len!
by Kurtr007