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A kool pic from leanne she says was done just out of boredom, and half inspired from kawrou of Eva, but I  still really enjoy it!  Vash just looks so at peace, even with the angel arm.
by Leanne R.G
This is a very interesting pic from Randi.. it's actually part of his yearbook desing at school, for the index page, but in fact it is still knives, just dressed up as a classic reporter!! Begin's singing that Osborne Song..What if Knives was one of us..naninanenana..just a..
by Sariaru
Extremely good pic of Vash, especially for all you fangirls.  And I think GG did a great job in making him look his best, even with the scars exposed.  Enjoy!!
by Girliegirl
Cute and Funny group pic of Knives and his..err..knives.  They all look so damn happy tho, it's freaking me out!!
by Leanne R.G
Continuing her Sexy Bi**h series, GG come out with this damn kool lookin Wolfwood!  Another great piece of fanservice for the girls, and a beatuiful piece of art.
by Girliegirl
Send In Your Artwork!!
by Submit